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Closed Fishing Line Round
- May 31, 2017 -

The cradle arm stops the key, crank the scroll cover, the outlet hole and so on. The reel reels of the spinning wheel are open, and the take-up line can be seen, thrown far, and collected quickly. If used improperly, there will be a disorderly line. And the closed fishing line of the coil groove is sealed, the discharge line and the line is invisible. This avoids the injury line and the disorderly line. It is mainly used for drifting and flying fly fishing (lure fishing), cast a distance of about $number meters within the area, the shallow water is also used for the throwing fishing in the general formula. The line is worn into the throwing rod from a small hole in front of the trough base, and then the fishing line is worn out from the pole tip, tethered to the knot fishing group, and is often used for 2.1-m small parabolic rods or hand-throwing poles. This kind of wire wheel is characterized by the key line, as long as a touch pressure can be a line, to receive, not easy to disorderly lines, easy to learn. The cast distance is not as good as a spinning wheel, and the ability to receive lines is weak, only suitable for use in smaller environments to catch smaller fish.