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Fishing method of Loading wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

1, the fishing line wheel in the fishing rod (in the form).

2, turn on the fishing reverse switch, open the fishing outlet ring, pull the line out, close the outlet ring, the line in turn through the fishing rod guide ring.

3, fasten the fall line, pull the fishing rod each section, close the fishing counter.

Wire-throwing method

1, turn on the fishing reverse switch, shake the lever, adjust the line to fall in the appropriate position, close the reverse stop switch.

2, with the index finger hook the line, sideways twist, will post, the pole in the ground distance with the line fall to touch the ground is better.

3, the rod side forward to send, when the rod in front of the side and the ground holding 45 degrees of angle, shaking Lison line, the bullet outlet.

4, when the line fell water, the line after the end of the wire, shake the rod, close the ring, tighten the fishing line, put the rod on the bar.