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Fishing Winding Method
- May 31, 2017 -

1, check the Wire wheel winding volume (general on-line wheel or on the packaging box are marked), select the appropriate fishing line model.

2, the fishing line wheel on the fishing rod, close the fishing line wheel reverse switch.

3, will tie one end of the line, through the fishing rod of a guide ring, open the fishing of the ring, the line on the online wheel, close the outlet ring, stretch fishing line, check and ensure that the anchor of the firm.

4, keep the fishing line straight, start Shiting fishing rocker tie line.

5, when the winding line height is lower than the wire wheel edge about 1.5-2 mm, do not entangle or less entangled, otherwise it will hinder your correct throwing line. Keep the fishing line straight, stop winding lines, cut the fishing line.

6, and then the fishing fixed on the fishing rod on the fishing seat can be ready to apply fishing. Although the drum-type fishing line has a small size, its line capacity is comparable to that of a spinning reel.