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Fork type toothed fishing line wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

Also known as Handwheel, Earth wheel, by shaft, coil groove, fork-shaped wheel, nuts, bolts and other components. The fork-type toothed fishing line wheel is simple in structure, usually used $number only the long fork teeth fixed on the shaft head, using the fork gear slot to replace the coil line groove to store the line. The shaft head is fixed with the gear of the rod body through the shaft rod, and when the line or the line is received, loosen or tighten the fixing bolt, the fishing line wheel will rotate or stop itself. The diameter of the wheel (coil groove) is generally in $number centimeters, some in the transmission part with spring, with the small gears in the inside, play the role of the lock switch fishing line.

Fork-type toothed fishing line, most of the use of glass steel, bamboo, bakelite and metal materials are assembled in the solid plug-type FRP rod. Mainly used in lakes, reservoirs and other larger natural waters, to catch larger fish. The use of the method is based on the feeling of elastic fishing line as the adjustment of the standard of tension. When a fish bites a hook, it is harder to pull a wheel. Although the fork-type gear wheel has a lack of design, but it is still popular with the broad masses of friends, low-cost cost, economic and practical, easy to use the characteristics of the pursuit of more fishing friends. The feeling of the fish-collecting rod can make people feel the pleasure of fishing fully. The disadvantage is throwing the investment difficult, need a certain skill, beginners are not easy to master, and easy to disorderly line.