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On the seriousness of fishing
- May 31, 2017 -

A lot of people think that the reel must be light to use, this in the fishing may have a little truth, but the other fishing method can be otherwise!

Rocky fishing is not a very often need to force far to cast the activity, there is no need to constantly vigorously raise the rod, just to hold the furniture for a long time, do some small amplitude of the operation of the pole, so the fishing of course the requirements of the light mainly; but in the big road to Jilt, play far cast, engage in the iron plate fishing method, the fishing is not enough weight, but very not the hand, the reason is that these fishing methods need to be the overall focus of the fishing tackle as far back as possible (to the body of the fisherman) moved, the operation is easy,

Finally fishing materials and ball bearings (ball Bearing, commonly known as the cultivation of forest) number is also the focus of observation, some with improper plastic material to manufacture the shell of the fishing, in the encounter more than the provisions of the strong, will produce a lot of unnecessary wear or clearance, even in the summer after being baked by the sun, the various components will appear slack, the operation is not good, such products are not worth a care of; the number of bearings represents the size of friction resistance between parts of the operation, in theory of course, the more bearings, The less friction the better, but usually the more the number of bearings more expensive, in the end need to spend more than a few thousands of yuan for the forest? Let's see what we can do!

There is one thing you should do when you choose: Find a catalogue and look it over carefully to see what the specifications of each commodity, with what bus, what design focus, and what kind of fishing method to use ..., after understanding these contents, it is convenient to let go pick according to the various essentials.

The last reminder: In principle, fishing is a penny a penny, and sometimes a penny of the goods, you want to find a cheap, practical, and can be used in all kinds of fishing method of things? Difficult! Try to choose the best product that fits your budget, and it's more practical.