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Special structure of Fishing
- May 31, 2017 -

1, star-type fishing valve (Star drag) and push-rod fishing valve (Lever drag): In the drum wheel, the mechanism for adjusting the braking resistance is usually installed on the right side of the body and the hand handle inside; this thing is mainly divided into two types, namely, Star (a bit like a faucet switch) and a push rod.

Their difference is mainly in convenience, Lever drag has a clear "position" guidelines, users can easily grasp what the situation is "free" (that is, freedom of access), what position is used to "strike" (that is, to fit), where is "full" (that is, deadlock brakes, but usually not really complete deadlock-just locking), star Drag is no such sign, the fisherman can only " Follow the feeling of ", so the former is more than the latter, the value of goods is relatively high."

2, hand brake (lb) and automatic outlet-spinning wheel brake control device, mainly divided into the knob type (or automatic outlet type) and directly with the fingers of the brake rod (Lever brake).