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Spinning Wheel Type Fishing
- May 31, 2017 -

The early English salutation is called the "Fixed Spool Reel" (Fixed spool reel), it means that the spool does not rotate when the line is spoken, but because it relies on the characteristics of the winding arm, it is similar to the working style of the spinning machine, so the term "Spinning reel" is known as the spinning wheel type fishing.

In the original design, the spinning wheel is used to improve the cast distance and solve the problem of the winding line, but the bus must first turn a bend to the spool, this process will consume a lot of energy, so that there is not much spare capacity left to deal with the fish, it is more to operate lighter fishing group, to catch smaller fish only.

and drum-type fishing because of direct access to the bus, no need to turn, you can play a larger fish strength, and many types or "single axis" construction, the fisherman rotating the handle is directly in the rotating spool, there is no "gear ratio" problem, so how much force the fisherman, the fish will be a lot of tension (in theory so-when not considering the fishing rod, fishing line and other factors), is so some people like to drum fishing called a powerful reel.

However, modern technology has changed a number of circumstances, such as the progress of materials science, structural design improvements, the use of bearings, etc., all make the spinning wheel gradually have the ability to fight big fish, also let the drum wheel can have a small, brisk posture, coupled with a number of special-purpose design, such as electric wheel, the intended bait throw special wheel (Bait-Casting reel), the model wheel (Lever brake Spinning reel, commonly known as lb) and so on, is to make fishing a complex and changeable appearance.