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The principle of selecting fishing
- May 31, 2017 -

Before you choose fishing, you must first think about what you intend to do with it. This is like buying a fishing rod, the first condition is "must buy the right thing". Although a lot of times, many kinds of fishing can be universal (or replace), but there are many times, many fishing are irreplaceable only applicable, such as the Super deep Sea is not the use of large-size powerful electric wheels!

The question is, how do beginners judge what is "right"?

To match the line group thickness and tensile value: Thick bus tie up to occupy more space, fishing the capacity of the line is not enough, it can not be used to match the coarse line under the rod; the coarse line also indicates that the tensile strength is higher (in the same material), if the fishing tolerance is not enough to match, it is a waste to the bus, it is a kind of torment for fishing.

On the other hand, thin lines can be on the line in the shaft more, but too much is also a waste, cover pressure in the bottom of the part is usually not used, even if in case of use, you will also find that the line has been distorted distortion! Also, the line diameter of the small show that its pulling force is smaller, if collocation of large fishing, also disproportionate.

To match the type and strength of the fishing rod: Is anyone going to take 80lb and drag fishing to match the first light rocky pole? Or use a small spinning wheel to stand on a $modeltype ship?