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What is the line of direction and in the direction of the outgoing?
- May 31, 2017 -

You can pick up a wheel, assemble it on a fishing rod, then look at its "spool" mode; If the bus is retractable, the spool must be rotated directly to wrap or release the bus, while the Busbar is discharged into the spool without a large angle transition, but in almost parallel direction, the drum type fishing. Conversely, when the bus is in and out, the spool may not have to follow the rotation (but in some cases it will follow the rotation), the action of the winding bus is another by a "winding arm", and the bus bar into the spool must first turn a nearly 90 degrees of the large bend, this equipment is called the spinning wheel type fishing.

It is said that the origin of its name is because its appearance is mostly round barrels, although "bucket height is low" (that is, fishing width) is different, but it is a bit like the drum, so early Britons call it "drum reel"; The Japanese are naturally called it "too drum", Taiwanese are called "drum reel".