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Common Breakdowns Of Fishing Line Wheels
- May 31, 2017 -

Textile Models: Fishing line wheel is the most prone to failure, mainly sometimes the reverse switch will not control the line. The cause of this problem is the large gear (plane gear) root wire clamp disconnect; The second is used to limit and open the reverse switch of the slider break, remove the shift, so that the fishing in closing the switch, can not play its due role; third, the line gear screw off, so that the line file can not be fixed in the original position, the reset ability is poor. The main cause of this phenomenon is: Now the fishing line is mostly folding handle, anglers in not use, like to fold the handle, folding up the handle to hold the line file, a long time, easy to make the elasticity of the line file disappeared, the effect of the reset is poor, unable to receive the line.

Drum Fishing line wheel: Anglers in the cast, not with the fingers to control the line, so that the speed of the wire is far greater than the ability of the line file, so that the line of online accumulation of fishing lines caused by disorderly lines. In addition, when the lead fall fishing group fell into the water, the following lines still have inertia constantly flying out, so that the fishing line is not normal work.

Fork gears: Fork Gear simple, not easy to appear mechanical failure, prone to man-made fault, often occurs in the moment to get the fish message, because the fisherman used to raise the rod of a little larger, it is possible to withdraw the line outside the coil line groove, causing chaos line.