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Fishing Traceability
- May 31, 2017 -

The working principle of fishing. By the handle rotation plane gear (large gear) to do vertical rotation and drive the transverse gear, so that the winding groove to the regular back and forth contraction. The fishing line is restricted by the line file, so that the fishing line recovered evenly and neatly arranged in the winding groove. The principle of this work is the crankshaft transmission principle. Learned from historical materials. The crankshaft first appeared in the Eastern Han period of our country (ad 3rd century) soon, the invention was widely used. According to unofficial history records, Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang produced the Ox, is the use of the crankshaft transmission principle. From the above two examples, it is not difficult to see the wisdom of our ancestors. At the same time, we can be proud to affirm that the industrious Chinese invented and used the fishing car. Just as the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang in his "fishing son" in the "fishing car light, chunks head boat, music in the Storm not fairy". Also because of the fishing car, so there will be a description of the fishing car verses. Just because there is a fishing car in Song Dynasty painter Ma pen "cold sink alone picture" has a long history of round fishing rod. Although the fishing cart at that time is not available with today's fishing line. But the working principle of the fishing line wheel is after all the transmission principle of the car.

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