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Influence Of Other Factors Of Fishing On Selection
- May 31, 2017 -

At present, the small fishing, has the front brake and the rear brake, also has the hand brakes, the different fishing weight also is different, for these aspects choice, one is looks at the actual use situation, the second is sees the actual use method. On the brakes, the early fishing are after the brakes for many, after the brakes due to the position of the brakes, fishing individuals are relatively large, since the front brake, fishing volume greatly reduced, light and flexible, so slowly many people start to accept the brakes before, in fact, whether it is the front brake or rear brake, the problem is not big, after the brake in the fish phase to adjust the brakes will be more convenient, but for familiar with fishing friends, before and after the use of braking difference is not big. Summary: For the weight of the wheel, or the fishing method for reference, if in the rocky fishing and lure fishing method, long to hand to take the fishing rod, at this time, the weight of fishing is the lighter the better, if for the shore fishing far-throw, or the bottom of the fishing method, such as not too mobile fishing rod, the weight of the light on the fishing will not need to be too fastidious, because the lighter the fishing, in the same tensile quality, usually the higher the price.