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Model Of Fishing Line Wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

The size of the fishing line wheel is determined by the diameter, volume, and speed ratio of the reel coil, not the size of the line. Some of the wire wheel volume is very large, but the diameter of the coil groove capacity is very small, low rotational speed. Actually belongs to the small size wheel. In general, the diameter of the reel coil is large, the capacity is large, the speed is high, it is considered as a large wheel, and vice versa is called medium wheel or small wheel.

Fishing line Wheel specification model size, generally by the manufacturer set, the model for the establishment of a unified standard, the international also so. The Japanese like to say that the fishing line is in thousands, (such as the Simano brand to the 1000-wheeled S. 1000-type round), Koreans like to use the cross as a unit, (such as the good company production of the expert series of fishing lines are 10 units to specify the specifications model). In the early years of our country, many manufacturers use hundred words to show the size of the fishing line. With the development of the fishing tackle industry, many manufacturers gradually changed the model of the method, gradually unified in thousands of units. However, the larger the number of the fishing line is, no matter the number of digits. The larger the model, therefore, we should not be confused by the size of the fishing line wheel shape, but should be carefully consulted, marked in the coil groove bearing number, speed ratio, capacitance line, etc., to confirm the size of the fish wire wheel.