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Performance Parameters And Characteristics Of Fishing Line Wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

Fishing line round in the process of fishing plays a vital role, many people only know the fishing line, may be on what bearing number, speed ratio do not understand, more vague.

We buy the wheels are marked on the number, such as $number, $number, this is the number of bearings on the wheel, bearing many, fishing rotating smooth gear is not easy to wear longer life. Shake with light touch.

The rotational speed ratio is usually indicated on the fishing winding plate, and the rotational speed ratio is all called the fishing line rotation rate. Is the rotation of the fishing line wheel handle and the amount of fishing line recovered, the proportion of the line is the fishing line wheel handle complete rotation one weeks (360 degrees), the line in the coil winding coil number to calculate. If the speed ratio is 5.5 specifications of the fishing line wheel, when the handle rotates one lap, it has taken back five laps and a half of the fishing line. Take the diameter of five centimeters as an example, the handle rotates a lap, can accept fishing line 0.86 meters, common have 4.5, 4.9:1, 2 1, 5.5 and other specifications of the speed ratio, coupled with the diameter of the fishing line, the speed of their take-up is not the same, that is, the diameter of the coil groove is large, the speed of the fishing line is higher than the speed of the rotation faster than the lower., the reel line with large diameter is faster than the diameter of the fishing line, and when it catches the big fish, it can show its uncommon function.