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Several Methods For Setting The Discharge Force Of The Fish Wire Wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

The pressure relief device uses no standard mode, and if the setting is unreasonable (the set number of kilograms is high) the angler can easily cause the tangent when the rod is raised. The relief setting is too low to reach the purpose of consuming the fish's strength. As a result, many of the rod-throwing friends set the discharge value, with their own experience. Some people according to the line to bear the pull force half to do as the discharge value, also some people according to the object of fishing fish size to set, but more of the habit of fishing friends is to set the discharge in advance in the use of small force does not qualify, with a large number of lines in the state, in addition, there is a practice, more scientific and reasonable. The concrete method is to extend the fishing rod which has been fitted with the fish line and line, and then pull the line from the tip of the rod to a certain length and attach a heavier fixture to the end of the fishing line. In the test, the Force knob is screwed to the most tight position, and the rod is swung to the maximum curvature it can withstand. Then will adjust the force knob slowly loosen to just can make the fish line wheel automatic discharge line, at this time the fish line round fishing force is its biggest fishing force, later if meets the big fish, the pull once surpasses this limit, the fish line wheel will automatically put the line.