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The Mistaken Knowledge Of The Fishing Line Wheel
- May 31, 2017 -

In the fishing field or chatting with friends, often hear the fishing friends in each other talk about, compare, talk about the fishing line of the good, bearing many, how to use the smooth, relaxed, and how fast to receive the line. The understanding of the fishing line wheel is only the number of bearings, rather than the overall performance of the whole fishing line. They think it seems that the more the number of bearings the better. It is also considered that the quality of the reel is entirely dependent on the number of bearings, rather than on the overall structure, performance, weight and shape of the fishing reel. If we look at the structure and overall performance of the fishing line, this view is wrong.

The quality of a fishing line wheel is judged only by the number of bearings and bearings, and we have made a sweeping mistake. Because the bearing is only a part of the fishing line wheel, it also has the shape, function, relief device, reverse switch and other components.

Bearing more than just to ensure that the transmission part of the normal work, reduce the friction coefficient of the spindle, eliminate the mechanical transmission of the sound of the function, but not to ensure that other functions are in good condition. There are many fishing line round manufacturers, in order to cater to the pursuit of fishing friends, deliberately in the production of fishing line on the wheel labeled $number bearings, to promote their own products.