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What Is The Reverse-stop Switch In The Fishing Line And Its Function
- May 31, 2017 -

The reverse-stop switch, also known as the reverse button, has the effect of controlling the positive and negative rotation of the fishing line. When the reverse button is in the reverse position, shake the arm, the fishing line can only be turned, can not be reversed, fishing line wheel only the function of the line. When the reverse Barbar to the relaxed position, the fishing line wheel can be reversed and the line can also be put on line. The reverse switch, while walking the fish, very critical, especially the big fish collision force over the rod Hook line of endurance, even if the reverse switch set in the reverse position, fishing line can also automatically put the line, the Rod Hook line, can play a good protective effect, so said, the rod is better than the wheel. Rod Good wheel difference, the advantages of the rod can not be played out, fishing line round good, it may make up for the shortage of rods.